Back in August 2015 – We said goodbye to our fans that have stuck with us through thick and thin for many years. We called it the ‘One Helluva Ride’ show. And we pretty much said that Super Swamper was retired, never to play again together on stage.

However, recently we’ve learned that certain things can get 4 old grumpy guys out of retirement. And that is to help a dear, close friend that is greatly loved by many in this by-God town, including the 4 grumpy bastards that called themselves ‘Super Swamper’. So… Coming for one last gasp of air, Super Swamper will play a benefit concert to help raise money for this wonderful person.

Now… Since this IS a fundraising event, if you donate anything… anything at all, we will give you, FOR FREE, all of the music that we have publicly released during our 10 years of being a band. When you donate, you will be given a coupon code that will give you a 100% discount on everything in the cart, so load ‘er up! Go here to donate, then come back to get your free music. Thank you, and we look forward to doing it one more time.

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With Special Guest:

Southern Fried Genocide

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